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You’ve Gotta Have This…

Hey there Random Readers!  I am so glad that you are back (or even here for the first time).  Today, I wanted to tell you a little more detail about myself.  Yesterday I shared just a bit about my intentions and in a future post, I will share about the blog.  So stay tuned!

My name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jess.  I am 35 years old (and yes, I do remember thinking 30’s were old).  I have an associates degree I have never used.  I have a full-time job in the medical field.  I am married to Shawn, who is 43 years old.  Shawn also has a degree he has never used.  He works full-time as well!  We have been married for a year and a half.  We are a blended family.  Between the two of us, we have five semi-adults.  I really never talk about who “belongs” to who, but the general rundown:  Morgan who is 19, Laura who is 18, Hailee who is 17, Caleb who is 16, and Matthew who is 14.  Needless to say, our family has a lot of excitement the next few years.  We also have two fur babies.  Luka is our 6-year-old dog.  Patch is our 3-year-old cat.  We recently lost our other cat but I will be sharing more about that in another post.  If you read my previous post, you will remember I casually mentioned my mental health.  I struggle with mental health and chronic health conditions.  Sometimes, these two take turns causing each other too!  It is complicated,  but I think you will see it all come together with future posts.

Our family lives in Illinois.  We just live a skip away from Missouri.  We have reached that fun parenting stage where everyone is going different directions.  Between school, work, and other activities… we all seem to see each other in passing!  As if all that raising teenagers and working full-time isn’t enough, I am also wanting to return to school.  Again, a post for another day!!

I was trying to keep this short.  You will all learn more than enough soon!! But if you have made it this far, leave me a comment telling me something about you.


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