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What’s In A Name?

Hello again, Random Readers!  One of the hardest parts of blogging (or vlogging) might seem simple… But I’ve always struggled with it.  It is the most basic step in creating a blog or a vlog.  It is the NAME!


Naming my blogs, it has always been a struggle.  It seems to be harder than naming my children.  I have gone through many names since I began blogging back in 2001.  In my case, those names never lasted!  The top reasons??

  1. Too Complicated:  Some of the names I have used have been hard to remember.  Sometimes I have been sub-hosted, which made it really hard to find.  Nothing really just easily ran out of the mouth!
  2. Too Long:  This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous reason.  However, it can be hard to grow with a really long name.  I’ve had a lot of frustration when my names were too long!
  3. Niche:  I’ve always struggled with what I’m “focusing” on.  I’ve chosen to write about a narrow niche– then I hated it.  My mind raced with other things I wanted to write about.  Eventually, that frustration became too much and I would just quit altogether.
  4. Change in Situation:  My life has changed, sometimes expectedly and sometimes by surprise.  Relationships begin and end.  Marriages begin and end.  Money comes and goes.  Children are born and they grow up!  Almost everytime my names have reflected anything, something would happen.  Then my name wasn’t even close to the topics I would be discussing anymore.

So I have really struggled with how to name my online presence.  I honestly began my thought process with how I plan on sharing.  With flexibility for life changes.  Even though I don’t see any coming soon.  But then it hit me!!  A perfect name for me!

By now, you already know that I chose to use “Randomly Jess”.  It will allow me a pretty open “lifestyle” option.  Without being licked to one topic.  I have already hopped a little bit– beginning on YouTube.  I was not writing and it was taking its toll on me.  Which was taking its toll on my videos.  I was without any outlet.  It took awhile to get it all figured out.  However, I am happy with the plan.

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably like– jump to the plan already!  My “hub” will be right here… where you are.  I plan on writing and still doing some videos, just not all the time.  Here you are going to find all my writing and all my videos.  You won’t even HAVE to leave the site to go watch the videos.  If you want to subscribe over on YouTube, you can– but it really isn’t necessary.  You will find all my randomness here!  I won’t promise to have any kind of routine to what I post and when… that was the reason behind the name of my home.  It will be a little bit of everything.  Daily life, product reviews, recipes, or whatever is on my mind that day!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!  I’m also always open to discussion topics, so send them my way!



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